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At the Meridian Police Department, we offer various career paths for those looking to serve the community. While a large portion of our department is comprised of police officers, we would not be able to achieve our department's mission without our professional staff members.

The Meridian Police Department is comprised of 40 non-sworn professional staff members who are dedicated and passionate about ensuring the city's quality of life by enforcing Meridian City code, assisting crime victims, processing evidence and property, and providing community outreach programs. If you have a desire to serve the City of Meridian, you're in the right place.

This page was designed to outline the available career paths for professional staff members. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Recruiting Team.

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The Code Enforcement Unit is a part of the Community Services Division, and is dedicated to enhancing the overall enjoyment of Meridian through ensuring responsible property ownership. This unit of comprised of six Code Enforcement Officers and one Code Enforcement Supervisor. Together, the officers and their supervisor focus their efforts on educating the community to gain willing compliance with Meridian City Codes because they know responsible property ownership results in safe, clean, and enjoyable spaces for the community.

Code Enforcement Officers are responsible for conducting investigations in response to formal complaints, enforcing parking regulations, issuing citations, and testifying in court. Violations of Meridian City Code are lodged in-person, via telephone, and online; and many of complaints received by this unit are related to quality of life issues, such as: weeds, abandoned vehicles, illegal parking, and illegal land use. Code Enforcement Officers regularly go above and beyond their required responsibilities to proactively survey their areas of responsibility for Meridian City Code violations. When a violation is observed, Code Enforcement Officers will attempt to educate citizens about the observed violation prior to it becoming a formal complaint. 


At the Meridian Police Department, we have two full-time Evidence Technicians who work as team members of the Criminal Investigations Division. Evidence Technicians are responsible for processing and securing all property and evidence for safekeeping and courtroom presentation, while ensuring a strict chain-of-custody is maintained as set forth by the courts of the State of Idaho and the United States. At the conclusion of a criminal case, Evidence Technicians conduct research in order to make an appropriate disposition recommendation for any property or evidence related to the case. Evidence Technicians achieve this task by working directly with Felony, Misdemeanor, and Juvenile Prosecutors to determine the case’s status and ensure the disposition of property or evidence is in accordance with federal, state, and local laws.

In addition to their responsibilities related to property and evidence, Evidence Technicians are subject to call out for crime scene processing involving high liability and high profile incidents to include officer involved critical incidents, homicide, all manners of crimes against persons, and high level narcotics investigation search warrant service. Evidence Technicians may also attend autopsies and work directly with the county Coroner’s office to investigate, gather, and maintain critical evidence in death cases. 

Crime Prevention/Substance Abuse Prevention


The Meridian Police Department is dedicated to fostering community partnerships while keeping Meridian a safe place to live, work, and raise a family. The Crime Prevention Unit is vital in accomplishing this task due to their continued efforts in sharing the department's safety messages by meeting and building relationships with neighborhood leaders, safety advocates, and many local organizations.


This unit is comprised of two full-time Crime Prevention Specialists who diligently work towards achieving their unit's mission: To help prevent, reduce, and remove crime through educating and empowering community members.  Crime Prevention Specialists are responsible for developing and distributing programs and materials to help with educating the community on different crime prevention tools and strategies. Crime Prevention Specialists also work with local neighborhood watch programs, educate construction companies on ways to prevent construction site thefts, coordinate the Public Safety Academy, and participate in community outreach and events (like National Night Out). 


The Meridian Police Department works in partnership with the Meridian Anti-Drug Coalition (MADC) to strengthen our community through substance abuse prevention. These efforts are overseen by a full-time Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator and a part-time Anti-Drug Coordinator. 

For more than a decade, the MADC has been a key force in the department's mission to provide the highest quality of service, in partnership with our community, to preserve and protect life and property through education, prevention and enforcement as it relates to substance abuse. 

With over 70 educational prevent events each year and monthly MADC meetings that are open to the public, there is ample opportunity to learn about how drug abuse is affecting our community, how it can impact your family, and how to prevent it in the first place. Twice a month, the MADC distributes emails that provide important information on the latest news, research, upcoming events, and monthly meeting dialogue. 

For more information, visit the Meridian Anti-Drug Coalition's website. 



The Meridian Police Department has two full-time Victim Witness Coordinators. While the Victim Witness Coordinators are housed in the Criminal Investigations Division, they regularly work with and provide assistance to the Patrol Division. Victim Witness Coordinators are responsible for providing assistance to victims of crimes, and diligently work to achieve this through education, providing resources and giving emotional support.

Throughout the course of a criminal investigation or court proceedings, Victim Witness Coordinators provide an array of services and assistance to victims. Victim Witness Coordinators may accompany victims to court, notify victims of significant events related to the criminal case, provide referrals to resources (such as counseling and support services), and provide updates on the convictions, sentencing, imprisonment and release of an offender.


Our Victim Witness Coordinators recognize that crime victims have gone through an emotional and intense situation that isn't over just because a police report has been taken. Victim Witness Coordinators strive to provide the best assistance possible.



The Crime Analysis Unit (CAU) plays a vital role in the identification and analyzation of crime patterns and trends in the City of Meridian. This unit currently houses two teams of staff members whose duties overlap and are comprised of crime analysis and NIBRS reporting; the six members of this unit include one Supervisor, two Senior Crime Analysts, one Crime Analyst, and two NIBRS Data Clerks. 

Crime Analysts are responsible for identifying and reporting emerging clusters of crime within the City of Meridian; and regularly assist their law enforcement colleagues by preparing a variety of analytical tools, such as crime mapping and statistical reporting on specific topics such as the Opioid Epidemic. Crime Analysts also correlate investigative information in an effort to generate investigative leads. Based on these findings, Crime Analysts often prepare and disseminate pertinent safety and event information via bulletins within the department, state, and nationwide. 

The National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) Team is responsible for processing police reports that meet the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program and NIBRS standards. These standards were implemented in 1991, and is a nationwide mandate of statistical reporting that all law enforcement agencies must be in compliance with by January 1, 2021. Since its implementation in 1991, the NIBRS Team has successfully complied with these standards. 



The Meridian Police Department's Records Unit is comprised of seven full-time employees who are dedicated to serving our community, our officers, and our colleagues. Whether in person, over the telephone, or even through email, our unit assists citizens with filing police reports, fulfilling public records requests, processing parking citations and payments, and answering a variety of general questions. 


Records Specialists are responsible for scanning documents associated with crime reports into our Records Management System (RMS), as well as data entry for crime reports and traffic collisions that do not meet NIBRS reporting requirements.  Records Specialists are responsible for the maintenance and validation of all entries into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) related to property and missing persons, in adherence to the strict guidelines set forth by the Idaho State Police and FBI.

The Meridian Police Department receives numerous information requests for police reports and their associated audio and video recordings, background checks, and statistics. The Records Unit has two designated Records Specialists who are responsible for processing and disseminating these requests, while working with the Prosecutor's office to ensure requests are fulfilled according to Idaho Public Records Law. These Records Specialists are also responsible for assisting the Office of Professional Standards and Training with the department's Body Worn Camera program. 







MONDAY-FRIDAY:  7:00 AM - 5:00 PM




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